All ingenious is simple!

Bestseller in the United States

  • Lifts the nose tip, which drops due to age-related changes
  • Narrows the nose tip and wings
  • Reduces the nose length (by lifting the tip)
  • Evens sharp edges and the bump on the nose bridge
  • Restores symmetry
  • Rhinofix is an alternative to rhinoplasty used for a slight correction of the shape of your nose. Made of orthogel
  • Nose cartilage tissue are susceptible to change gradually 1-2 mm per month. To achieve visible results simply wear Rhinofix splint 3-4 times a week in the evening for 2 hours.
  • You will be amazed that with such a simple splint, you can achieve good results just in two months.
Reviews of our customers

I ordered the splint here, it arrived very quickly. Honestly I did not think that it works, at first the feeling to have it on the nose was uncomfortable, but then I got used. Happy with the result! It coped with my "potato nose" in 2 months. Now my face looks much nicer. I notice the guys start looking at me!

Marina V.

I got Rhinofix for my birthday, at first I didn’t even realize what it was)) but was happy to receive the gift. With time, I noticed that my nose bump got smaller, and soon disappeared altogether. It looks like it has become much thinner! Thank you very much! I ordered for a girlfriend, 2 months and voila, no rhinoplasty!

Irene B.
What is Rhinofix
An alternative to rhinoplasty
used for a slight correction of the shape of your nose.
  • Bestseller in the United States
    Rhinofix is the US bestseller. The splint for the correction of the nose at home.
  • "Potato nose" rhinoplasty
    Nose correction at home. How to correct "potato nose "? If you have a wide nose and you want to make it smaller, then Rhinofix is a unique product that has already caused quite a stir in the US and Japan.
  • All ingenious is simple!
    Rhinofix is one of the simplest and most useful health products.
Features: Weight: 15 grams Package Size: 19/12/4cm Package Weight: 75 g Package includes: Rhinofix. One size fits all
You will be amazed that with such a simple clip, you can achieve
visible results just in one month!
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Expert opinion:

Stuart A. Adams
MD, plastic surgeon,
over 20 years of practice

"The splint for the nose shape correction is a revolutionary alternative to rhinoplasty. Although this method of changing the shape and size of the nose has been developed recently, it has already gained popularity around the world. Now this innovation is available in our country . As a plastic surgeon, I recommend to use this splint to everyone who wants to make their nose longer, symmetrical or just give it the desired shape. I assure you, this can be done at home without any surgical intervention. "

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The Splint for “potato” nose shape correction " Rhinofix 2016. The splint will help to correct the nose shape at home. More than 3000 satisfied customers. Bestseller in the US and Japan.